Legal advise to investors in Spain

Legal advise to investors in Spain

 We provide full legal advise to investors in Spain as we know how complicated it can be to settle in a foreign country, without knowing the legal system, customs and sometimes even the language. We have been advising foreign investors in Spain since 2003, so we know every need that you will have. For that reason we take care  that your investment in Spain has the expected results for you.

  We could provide full legal assistance:

 Apply for your Golden visa in Spain

Our Golden Visa Scheme allow you to apply for Golden Visa in Spain either :

  • Investing in a real estate of 500.000€ in Spain
  • Financial assets:  Public debts 2.000.000€ ,shares of 1.000.000€ in a Spanish company or investment funds of 1.000.000€
  • Business project

We provide full legal advice to achieve your Golden visa in Spain from the early doubts to the end.

Real estate legal advice: both in the acquisition of new facilities for the business or lease and for your own home in Spain.
Drafting of commercial contracts
Tax advice and tax management for non-residents

Drafting of Business Projects and economic viability of the project by our colaborators

Our professional network includes Notaries, Tax Advisors, Translators, Real estate agents, Laboral advisors, economists , marketing expert and other lawyers to complete our legal service to our clients.