Real estate lawyer Seville


Real estate Lawyer Sevilla

1.Where do we work?

We are Real Estate Lawyers in Seville but  our conveyance service covers other areas in Spain like  Málaga, Cadiz,  Huelva, Valencia or Barcelona.

Our experience of  21 years working in Real estate law  guarantee the security of your real estate negotiation.

Our customers receive detailed information in order to make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

We have helped more than 400 familiest to buy their home in Spain.

Most of our clients recommend our legal service and repeat each time they need a legal service in Spain.

We work very hard to make the experience of buying or selling a property in Spain as easy as posible for you, that makes you to enjoy the purchase procedure and leave the troubles for us

2. What do we do for you?

1.First, we make sure the contract is right and fair for you- so that you are fully protected and it covers all the issues important to you. When we agree with the other side is done the “ exchange of contracts” Before it we carry out the legal searching  or ” Due Diligence ” of the property, ensuring that the seller is actually the owner of the property and the property joins all the legal requirements for the purchase.

2.Secondly, it is requested to check that the property has the licence on place ( planning searches for you) and the land registry confirms that there are not debts over the property

3.Finally, we organize the completion at the Notary, making sure that your Title Deeds joins all the legal requirement to be registered in your name as requested by the Land Registry. We are updated with all the Property new regulations to make sure that you are fully protected. The completion day is the day that you will receive your keys and therefore you will be able to move to your new house in Spain.

After moving in, we arrange for your new house to be formally registered in your name with the Land Registry.

Throughout all this we remain in regular contact with you, the other solicitor selling you the house or your mortgage company and the estate agents, doing all we can to ensure moving days goes smoothly without any last minute legal problems.

Our service includes opening bank account for you, assisting for you to prepare Power of Attorney for us, applying  for you NIE in Spain (paid apart) and prepare full list of purchase cost for you to organize your payments.


3. What are our main legal services?

“Conveyance in your purchase of property in Spain”

Conveyance in the sale of your property in Spain

Legal assistance in reviews of tax assessments of the purchase taxes

Legal assistance in preparing sale taxes

Residency by investment in Spain programm

NIE management. See our article on how to apply for a NIE in Spain.

Support in the opening of bank accounts in Spain.

4. What do we offer you after the sale?

  • Tax advice and management for non-residents.

Our main clients are from :

US  citizens

United Kingdom citizens

Irish citizens

Canadian citizens

Australian citizens

Russian citizens