Purchase and Golden visa in Spain 

Since 2013, when the Golden Visa rule of Law was aproved we provide to our client our Purchase and Golden Visa legal service as a legal package.

This is the best option for you to secure your Golden Visa in Spain.

We have 21 years of experience that you could get advantage from.

Our client who hired this service enjoyed the fact that I jointly worked toward achieving their golden visa even before to choose the right property for it.

I helped since the start, searching the right Golden visa property.

Providing serious legal advice to avoid problems and be able to schedule rightly.

For example if you buy a property with some legal problems like size registration adjustment or similar properties legalities that could delay your Golden Visa more than 4 to 8 weeks and it could be a big problem if you did not know it and did not expect.

Other buyers did not know that without right Living licence they could get their Golden Visa as that was a property law required not known by many immigration lawyers who do not have the expertise on Real estate law or Town planning law required.

So we fully revise all legal formalities from first moment, searching any legal matter that could cause you an issue to achieve your golden visa and find the right legal solution for you saving time and a lot of money on it.

Other people hired only a real estate lawyer and made the mistake of trusting them to submitt their Golden Visa, huge mistake.

Property Law is Civil Law,  private Law.

Golden visa is Administrative Law, Public Law.

They are totally different and not expert on this field could make big mistake like many that I heard causing them rejecting their Golden Visa.

For example the Real Estate Lawyer with not immigration law knowledge does not know the right time to submitt, the formalities on how to legalise your documents and how to handle all effective for you. Most of them get refusal letter as they are not expert on such procedure  or even are not able to resolve very basic problems that with our experience we resolver very frecuently for our clients.

We provide long term recommendation not only to achieve your Golden Visa if not to keep it as that others do not even worry about.

Do not risk your Golden Visa if you invest 500.000€ or more do revise very well who you hire to represent you at the purchase and who you hire to represent you at the Golden Visa procedure.

By not choose the right professional for it like an expertise lawyer in Real Estate Golden visa properties and Golden visa lawyer in Spain.

That takes me more many years of hard work, qualifications and studies to be able to provide you with the best legal service as possible.

Hiring our legal package will make your purchase with positive results and stress free in your end.

Where others see problems we see possible solutions.