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Immigration Lawyer in Spain 

 As immigration Lawyer in Spain since 2003,   I am glad to be able to represent foreigners citizens who wish to apply for a visa or residence to Spain.


immigration lawyer in spain


1.We could  provide the following immigration legal service:

European citizens:


Certificate of registration of EU citizen

Family member of EU citizen

Non-European citizens:


Golden Visa, investors, entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals Law 14/2013

Non- lucrative visa

Work permit

Student  visa  permit

Brexit residence agreement


Expat package to move to Spain: immigration, real estate law advise, initial spanish burecracy

Registering your Master Degree in Spain

Spanish nationality



2. Our immigration working  procedure is :

1) We study and revise your personal circunstances, economic situation and provide legal  advise on which residence in Spain suit you the most.
2) Once we have identified which is the  best residence for you in Spain, we organise all the steps to prepare your aplication. In this phase we   provide full list of documents and list of costs,  together with the assistance for you  to achieve all the documents, to translate and to legalise them in each country.
3) When  we have confirmed that we are ready to submitt your application we organise the appointment, prepare all the forms and go with you to represent you at the immigration office.
4) We follow the case untill you have the immigration resolution.


3. Our legal fee :

They are explained from the first consultation meeting and the procedure to be followed. Our work is clear from the first moment. You will have the same lawyer from the first consultation day to the final resolution, taking good care of your needs  and be available for you.

4. Benefit of hiring us :

Having a lawyer with years of training and expertise may result in a quicker and securing a favourable outcome. We avoid you to make mistakes and provide full legal assistance during the all procedure.

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