NIE in spain lawyer to apply for it

NIE in Spain your lawyer to apply for it 

What is the legal fee to apply for a NIE?

Our legal fees are 200€ + IVA (21% currently) = 242€ per person.

How can I pay?


Or writing us an email to request the bank account number that we can send it to you.

Who can ask for it?

Those foreign citizens who, for economic, business or financial reasons, want to carry out some action in Spain. Well opening a bank account, buying a home, buying a vehicle or an administrative procedure.

What should I do after the payment?

You must send us an email informing us that you have made the payment, with a copy of your passport.

What will we do for you?

Once we have received the payment and a copy of your identification, we will send you information on the steps to follow and the documentation that we will require.

What is included in the fees paid?

You are given prior advice on all the documentation required to prepare the NIE.

We organize the appointment with you at the place of presentation close to your home. Includes travel whenever in the province of Malaga or Seville. Drafting and payment of the administrative fee that the client must previously pay the lawyer. Collection of the same in the Administration when it is ready and sent to the client by email.

You can download the document on the following link: NIE

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