We are lawyers specialized in International Trade Law and International Private Law . We believe that contracts are the main base on which businesses are born, that is why our job is to offer the necessary legal security so that they can be analyzed, drafted and formalized with the maximum legal guarantees. Our main legal services are:

  • Legal advice and support in the internationalization of your company
  • International contract of sale
  • International Distribution Contract
  • International Agency Contract
  • International Franchise Contract
  • International Representation Contract
  • Joint Venture Contract
  • Supply contract
  • Advice on payment methods that can avoid possible breaches as well as in the INCOTERMS negotiations.
  •  Training in International  Trade
  • Export and Import Law
  • Incorporation of a new company or liquidation of the company in Spain
  • Provide a legal report on applicable law, international jurisdiction, European Union Law, lex mercatoria, international agreements, legal framework for investment, comparative law.
  • Resolution of extrajudicial conflicts of breach of contracts or interpretation thereof
  • Filing of legal actions for breach of contracts
  • Claims for cross-border debts
  • Procedures for recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments in Spain (Exequatur)
  • Execution of European Titles and Monitors.
  • Taxes

The firm has associate office in Milan, Paris, London and New York in order for us to cover all your legal needs overseas. Request further information about our international trade  services on our email.