Criminal record certificate  in Spain 

What is the cost?
Our legal fees are €350 + IVA (currently 21%) = €423.50

How can I pay?
Well via paypal following this link.

Or writing an email to request the bank account number that we can send it.

Who can ask?
Those people who  want to apply for residency or citizenship in another country but they have been residence in Spain.

What should I do after payment?
You must send us an email informing us that you have made the payment, with a copy of your ID card or residence permit.

What will we do for you?
Once we have received the payment and a copy of your identification, we will send you information on the steps to follow and the documentation that we will require.
Afterwards, we will carry out all the complete management until the Certificate has been sent to you by courier previously payment of the courier by you.

Do I need to sign a power of attorney in favor of Virginia Ramos  Lawyer?
Yes it will be necessary, once you have confirmed the work we will explain and help you to process it.

Is the Criminal Background Certificate translated?
In the lawyer’s fees does not include translation. But if you need the translation to the presentation language of the same we collaborate with sworn translators that offer very competitive prices to our clients and allow us to complete our services for your convenience.