Frecuently asked questions


Could I ask questions to the lawyer before hiring?

We only work as previous booked appoinment.

 Do I have to pay for first consultation?

Yes, we  provide a detailed legal  information  for each client that request first consultation. After the consultation you will resolve all your general doubts, will know all your legal options in Spain,  your     rights and obligations, how much the procedure in total could cost, each step of the procedure and what are the most requested documents for the procedure.

How could I have a first consultation appointment? 

The client need to send us by email or mobile a  copy of the passport, client´s form details and first consultation payment agreed in that moment.

How does the meeting work if I am in Sevilla? 

If you are in Sevilla, you only need to ask us about the cost of that moment and the possible available date for your meeting.

How do I pay at the office? 

If you came to the office we accept: cash, bank transfer, bizum or paypal at the meeting.

How does the meeting work if I am not able to go to the office?

It could be organised online by Google meet or other platform.

We need to book first the appointment for you.

Can I still use your service if I’m in a remote area?

As long as you have access to a reliable internet connection, my  legal  services are available to you. All aspects of my legal  services can be delivered to you online. Living in a       remote area will not affect the quality of service I  can provide you

What is included in the meeting?

At the first consultation meeting cost is included 60 minutes meeting with the lawyer who could provide full information of the all procedure in general, analyse your case and provide tips on how to face it. It possible to resolve general doubts and get a general idea of the all procedure cost and requirements.

What do I get after the  first consultation meeting?

After the meeting you will recieve an email from the lawyer with a legal fee proposal contract that you could hire or not.

If you are happy to hire the consultation paid will be considered part of the legal fee of the procedure hired and it will show at the invoice.

When could I have the full list of required documents for my procedure?

Once you formally hire my legal service and paid the first invoice of the agreed price.

How is the payment plan?

The payment is divided in two steps: 50% of the legal fee plus 21% VAT is required to be paid to accept the job by the lawyer and be able to start the work for you.

Before the submission of the file either at the consulate or either at the immigration office is required to pay the final 50% legal fee and VAT over it.

Are immigration taxes included in the legal fee of the lawyer?


Not, normally is explained in the legal fee contract that is not included.

The legal fees of the lawyer only includes the lawyers work,  nothing else.

Is required to pay any other extra cost to the lawyer? 

Not the lawyer fee is explained clearly at the contract, however if you wish that the lawyer pay in your name the immigration taxes or other cost like translations cost or any other that you need asssistance with, the lawyer will be glad to help but you need to pay the amount to the lawyer to be able to pay them in your name to administration or others.

Could the lawyer translate for me the documents?

Not the lawyer is not an official translator. The lawyer could explain you anything that you need by phone in Spanish or English. But, if you need in your procedure a juror translator you need to pay the cost of the juror translator service. However, the lawyer work closely with professionals and realiable translators to help you with the procedure and get advantage of the experience.

Could the Lawyer help me to find an insurance in Spain?

Yes, any of the legal service may be included the assistance to find an insurance in Spain that you require.

You could be free to choose that one or the one you find.

It is only an extra help to make the procedure easier.

Could the lawyer apply for my NIE in my name if I am not in Spain?

Yes, if you are buying a house in Spain the lawyer could apply in your name for your NIE but you will need to complete some formalities required to be able to get it done.

Could the lawyer submitt my file at the consulate in my home country?

Not, normally the procedure at the consulate is submitted directly by the applicant.

The lawyer provide full legal assistance to make sure the applicant is rightly advised and guided to get a favourable results.

Hiring a lawyer guarantee my a favourable results?

Not, there is not guarantee of favourable results ever as the  Administration not always follow the Law.

But, the job of the Lawyer is have full knowledge of the rules, know the procedure, provide legal strategy and have plan a, b and c ready in case one of them does not work.

The lawyer could avoid many mistake and guide to the right way to achieve what you need as simple and clear as possible.

The Administration could make many mistakes and even issue a wrong resolution, so the lawyer work is to revise all and protect your right on the procedure for you.

Do I need a lawyer to apply for  a visa to Spain? 

It is not compulsory but immigration is a fundamental right that not be rightly advised or informed could totally change your life.

It is not the same ever one case to another. Only expert immigration lawyer  registered in Spain could provide full assistance in the all procedure avoiding mistake that could reject your applications.

As explained before the administration could make mistakes that only a lawyer could identify and know how to solve that situation.

Do I need a lawyer to buy a property in Spain? 

It is not compulsory but making such big investment in your life and assume all the risk of loosing all your money by not taking cautions of being rightly advised.

Only an expert real estate registered  lawyer will protect your rigth in a purchase or sale in Spain.

Does the lawyer do the same job of a Notary in Spain? 

Not at all. The lawyer will accompany you during the all purchase procedure untill the property is fully registered in your name.

The Notary will only provide the Title deeds to change the property in your name as it is formality required in Spain to be the owner of the property.

Could the lawyer draft my purchase contract ? 

Yes, the lawyer will draft your purchase contract and negotiate with the other party in your favour.

How do I know all the cost of a purchase in Spain?

The lawyer will prepare a list of cost before the purchase for you to know in advance.

How do I know all the montly cost of my property in Spain?

The lawyer will prepare all the information for you as part of the Due Diligence of the property?

Is included the Due diligence of the property if a hire the conveyance legal service?

Yes, all our conveyance legal service includes full due diligence of the property before to sign any contract.

What are the formalities to buy a property in Spain? 

The lawyer will provide all the information about your case in the first consultation meeting and you will recieve an email with all the steps required and cost of each part.

Could the lawyer prepare an Spanish Will for me in double language? 

Yes, we prepare Spanish Wills in double langugage for our clients and provide full legal assistance required to be formalise it.


I am not in Spain at the moment, could the lawyer collect my residence card for me?

Not, the lawyer could not collect it. This is personal, ony the applicant collect the residence card by fingerprint step.

I do not know how to collect my residence card in Spain, could I have assistance with it?

Yes, the lawyer normally provide this service included in the visa procedure or any residence permit procedure in Spain.

But, as well if you only require this step it could be  organise for you.

Could the lawyer help me, if I I live in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any other city ? 

Yes, the lawyer could work all Spain included islands as we are fully recognised to work in all Spain as Spanish barrister.

I am planing to buy a property and apply for visa after, could the lawyer revise my situation?

Yes, the lawyer could organise a first consultation before to buy a property and before to make any move to provide all the right information.

Could the lawyer assist me to get documents in my country?

The lawyer could get documents in Spai, however due to the large experience could share with you tips and provide some assistance on how to get documents from your own country.

I have to get a medical certificate done, could the lawyer assist me with that?

Yes, the lawyer normally send a sample to all the clients in the visa or residence procedure and if they are in Spain the lawyer schedule the appointments and procedure for the clients.

How much do you need to invest in Spain to get residency?

To apply for residency by investment in a real estate you need to invest at least 500.000€ in Spain free of charges.

Can you get residency in Spain if you buy property?

Yes, you could apply for residency by investment or Golden visa in Spain.

But they are separate procedure.

Once is the purchase procedure and the other is the Golden visa procedure.