Sucess storty of buying a property in Spain



Sucess story of buying a

property in Spain

Our client wanted to live in Spain, first she hired our legal service of ” non lucrative visa ” and once she liked Spain for a while she decided to buy a property in Spain.

  1. Where to buy in Spain.

First issue for her was to decide where to buy, she was traveling from Andalucia to Galicia before to make her decission.

I provided information on the positive and negative of each  possible place  of Spain before to make her plan.

Even, I  recommended  her to spend time there, researching on her own experience before to invest in Spain.

2. Choosing the right property

Finally, she decided to move to Málaga, one of the best destination in Spain and we found a reliable real estate agency for her who accompanied her during the searching of the right property in Málaga according to her budget and requirements.

3. Starting the legal procedure to buy a property

Once the property was choosen, my work as real estate lawyer started by contacting with the real estate agent and with the owner, collecting all the information of the purchase, negotiating the purchase conditions for her, her rights and requesting all legal documents from them.

I completed the due diligence of the property.

In this case I had to doubleck all Town planning rules in Marbella as the situation in this city is quite special as  need a real understanding of the rules.

I am very familiar with them  after working many years there and got all town planning qualifications to understand the rules.

Once all was confirmed and the contract was fully negotiated, with all possible clauses agreed on the interest of the buyer we were ready to sign the purchase contract on her favour.

She completed all formalities required with my legal assistance like Power of Attorney in my favour, bank account oppening, purchase price list of cost prepared by us with a working plan for each step of the purchase.

We completed all steps on her name, solved each problem we faced, supported her and keep in touch with the real estate agent, with the owner and with the bank as well to coordinate all legalities on her name.

4. Key handing and Title Deeds signature.

Finally, I attended the Notary signature on her name, others call the completion date or the key handing date, it could be called in differents ways but it is the most important date for the buyer as is the date that became the owners of the property in Spain.

We prepared the all procedure, drafted the documents required, provided all legal documents to the Notary, coordinate payments and fully revised all according to the Law.

There is not case exactly similiar to other.

The more you know about Law the more you realize the importance of being expertise on the matter to provide such a  good legal service.

People who are not expert could not realice the mistake of confussing marriage systmen from home country, or tax applicable to the case, or purchase formalities or possible solutions that only expert property lawyers in Spain could identify and resolve.

Where other see problems I like to see possible solutions.


5. Happy spanish owner.

After all legal procedure completed with our assistance our client is happy to be able to enjoy her amazing property in Costa del Sol.

We keep representing our client in any other legal issue that our clients have in Spain.

We are happy to help you to achieve your dreams in Spain.

Contact us  to have a glad end with not surprise in your purchase in Spain.

Invest in legal security in Spain, invest in an expert property Lawyer to buy a property in Spain.