Spanish wills Lawyer

Spanish Wills

Spanish wills Lawyer 

 Spanish wills are legally binding documents that allow individuals to specify how they want their assets to be distributed after their death.

Do you own a property in Spain? 

If the answer is yes. We recommed you to have a Spanish Will signed in an Spanish Notary in order to fully cover all your inheritance rights in Spain. 

Inheritance Rules: Spanish law has specific rules governing inheritance, including forced heirship rules, which ensure that certain family members are entitled to a portion of the estate. However, testators can make provisions in their will to distribute assets differently, within certain legal limits.


Who could provide such legal  service?

It’s important to consult with a property  or inheritance  lawyer  in Spain when drafting or updating a will, as they can provide guidance on the specific requirements and legal considerations in your situation. Additionally, since laws can change, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements and regulations regarding wills in Spain. With 2o years as property lawyer we are able to provide you with the right legal advise on Spain.

Legal Requirements: For a will to be valid in Spain, the testator must be of legal age, of sound mind, and act freely without coercion. The will must also be properly signed and Notarised.  We will organise all formalities and provide the service in double language for you to be able to understand what you are signing.

Beneficiaries:  In a Spanish will, the testator can specify who the beneficiaries are and what assets or properties they will inherit. The will can also include specific bequests, such as leaving certain assets to individuals or charitable organizations

Updating a Will: A Spanish will can be updated or revoked at any time, as long as the testator is of sound mind. The most recent will is considered the valid one, so it’s important to keep it up to date if circumstances change.


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