Non lucrative visa Spain


If you want to live in Spain and  you do not need  to work, you may be able to apply for your non lucrative visa in Spain.

1. Main requirements for   the visa:

– Non criminal record
– Medical certificate
– Spanish medical insurance
– Economic resources to live in Spain

2. Procedure :

The procedure takes 2 phase : one in your home country  and one in Spain

3. The visa lawyer work:

The lawyer will cover all the required legal work since initial doubts until you have all relevant residence card with you. That will covers all your legal doubts solutions, organizing all  the steps requires, organised appointments, prepare list of documents, prepare working plan for you, accompany during the all procedure to match all formalities, informing of legalities and keep in touch with you all the procedure until you have your residence card.

If you have further doubts on the procedure or you want to be assisted by a visa lawyer in your application procedure  you could contact us at to hire a first consultation.

If you only want to know our legal service legal fee please, feel free to contact us indicating what exactly legal service you required and the number of aplicants to apply for it.

We will provide you with the legal service cost information without compromise to hire us or not.  We wait froom you.