Spanish wills for foreigners


Do you own a property in Spain? 

If the answer is yes. We recommed you to have a Spanish Will signed in an Spanish Notary in order to fully cover all your inheritance rights in Spain. 

Who can ask?
Those foreign citizens who have a home in Spain. It is recommended to leave a will signed in Spain that protects your heirs in the future.

How could I hire that service?

You could contact us by email at

What should I do after payment?

You must send us an email informing us that you have made the payment, with a copy of your passport and NIE if you have one.

What will we do for you?


Once we have received the payment and a copy of your identification, we will send you information on the steps to follow and the documentation that we will require.

Later we will ask you some questions. We will   draft  the Spanish  Will taking into account your home inheritance law, we will provide assistance  and organize an appointment at the Notary office near your home. Once this is organised we will explain all details and translate it for you before to be signed. 


Are Notary fees included in the fees?

Yes, the fee are included in our all fees.

Will the lawyer accompany me to the signing of the Will in  a Notary?
The lawyer will accompany you in Málaga province or Sevilla. Any other city please ask us  for travel cost.