What does a real estate lawyer do?


As I a real estate lawyer in Spain I would like to inform of what is our job.

The real estate lawyer in Spain does:

-Full legal advice on the Purchase: provide the client the full understanding of how the all legal procedure works in Spain, in terms of buyers obligations, seller obligations, agency duties, Notary job, Land registry, banks, gestoria and even the lawyer job.
-Due diligence of the property: the legal search of possible risk, debts, urbanistic infridgement, licence, encumbrances, limitation of the property, luck of deeds, not matching the registration size of the reality and the land registry, the limitation of use, if the property is urban or rustic, if could be extended or not.
-Drafting contracts and dealing on their behalf : the law establish some rule in terms of rights and obligations of each party, hoewever in each purchase all could be negotiated depending on circunstances and only the real estate lawyer will provide full assistance in this point. The real estate Lawyer know the law, know how it is done in practice and could inform you of the legal consequences of following it or not following in short and long term.  This put the buyer in a stronger position rather than buyers who do not invest in real estate lawyer in Spain who may end paying extra cost that they did not suppose to pay.

 -Working planning : the real estate lawyer provide full scenario of the all purchase and timing for you to organise all your finance and personal arrangements on time, saving you the all stress around each purchase.
-Preparing list of cost : provide full information of expenditures of the purchase to make you to know your chance to buy since early moment.
-Prepare all legal formalities for the purchase : arrange all formalities and make all requested for you to follow the law and avoid any last minute possible rejection or cancellation of the purchase.
-Taxes legal advise on the purchase : Provide full and clear tax advise and taking care of submitting them on your name.
-Assistance at the Notary deeds : Accompaying you to the Notary or completing the deeds in your name if you prefer to use a POA, solving your doubts, translating for you, explaining the all details and making you feel confident and secure in your purchase.
-Schedule, revise and prepare Notary Deeds according to the Law: The Lawyer prepare the Notary more than 10 days before, send all rigths documents according to the Law, ask the notary to prepare, revise their jobs and resolve possible problems that may arise at there with time.

-Coordinate and revise the job of the agency, the job of bank, the  job of the Notary and the job of the Register. When all is fully registered in the purchaser name the job is completed and client is the  new owner of the property.

The job of the agency is commercial not legal

The job of the Notary is  to take care of legalities to make sure the deeds are register at the land registy

The bank aim is that you accept the bank conditions provided on the  mortgage deeds  and  pay to them.

The register will take care that the deeds are according to the law to the be registered.

But, only the real estate lawyer will be with you by your side since first moment to the end assisting and helping you avoding mistakes.

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