Digital nomad visa


The Startup Act Law published 22nd of December of 2022 aproved the digital nomad visa  in Spain.

The  Startup Act Law  is the first in Europe with these characteristics, places Spain at the vanguard in the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What is the Digital nomad visa in Spain?

This is  a special digital nomad visa for foreign professionals who work on a self-employed basis or as company employees anywhere in the world.

Who could get  a  Digital Visa  for  Spain?

The applicants must be foreigners from non EU passports holders countries  who are remote workers and are employed by a non-Spanish company operating outside of Spain.

It could be granted as well to a  freelance who work remotely from Spain and most of the clients are from  outside of Spain.

For this last  one will be allowed to dedicate 20% of their professional business activities to a company registered in Spain.


Where it could be applied?

The digital nomad visa could be applied at the Consulate if you start the procedure from outside Spain.

It could be  as well  directly applied in Spain as long as you are legally  staying in Spain with a tourist visa or similar situation.

What is requested to provide?

Non criminal records

Private medical insurance coverage in Spain

Provide working contract from a non Spanish company or provide oficial relationship with clients from outside of Spain  who hire your profesional service with the requested terms.

Enough economic resources to live in Spain from outside Spain

Proof of accomodation in Spain

Social security coverage in Spain

How long does a Digital Nomad Visa for Spain Last?

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa will be initially valid for one year if you apply from consulate.

After you could apply for the digital nomad residence which could last a maximum validity  of three years.

If you are in Spain with a tourist visa you could apply directly for the digital nomad residence that could be three years.

Could be it  extended? 

Holders of the Spanish Digital Nomad  residency permit will be able to extend the validity of their temporary permits for an additional two years upon its renewal, making the Digital Nomad Visa valid for up to five years.

Foreign remote workers may obtain permanent residency after the fifth year.


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