Brexit residence success story



I want to share with you  my last Brexit residence success story of last week.

Few months ago two British clients with not conections between them contacted me to resolve their issue with their Brexit residence in Spain.


When they came to the office they had submitted their application back in 2020 with others Law Firms. After 18 months waitings they only recipt refusal letter and according to their lawyers evidence of submitting claims agints the refusal. Both of them were very unhappy ready to leave Spain after facing all that frustating situation and the lack of communications with their previous Lawyers. They even did not know the real reason of their rejection.


I immediatelly identified the reasons why they were rejected. They were sorprised how in 10 minutes I could give them more information than their Lawyers in 18 months of waiting.

I prepared differents legal strategies with possible cost of each one. They were both fully informed  of all their rights and obligations to be able to achive their Brexit residence.

After revising my legal fee proposal of legal service for their Brexit residence, they were more than happy to hire my legal service. So, we started the work to pursue their budget, their Brexit residence in Spain.

Only one month after that meeting  and one month and a half both of them have their Brexit residence granted.

Now, they are happy, relax and finally enjoying their life in Spain as they should have been doing from the first moment if they would hire my legal service.

Luckily they finally did. If you are still having troubles to get your Brexit residence, please  do not hesitate to contact me your English Speaking Lawyer in Spain   at to organise a first  immigration consultation meeting  to revise your situation and provide you with   a clear answer about it. Do not be afraid to contact me you will be very satisfied after it.

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