Non lucrative visa in Spain

Non lucrative visa in Spain


  1. What is  the non lucrative visa in Spain? 

The non lucrative visa in Spain  is a long term visa that allow you  to stay in Spain more than 90 days per year.

2. How long is valid? 

The non lucrative visa and the residence permit granted  allows you to stay in Spain during 365 since the granting day.

3.  What are the main request to be able to apply? 

a) Non criminal records: You could not have any criminal records to be able to apply for this visa

b) Savings : You will need to show enough savings to live in Spain  during a year without working

c) Medical insurance:  You will need to buy a medical private insurance in Spain

d) Non overstaying in Spain: You need to be very carefull that you  have not overstay the maximum allowed time in Spain with temporary visa to be able to get it.

4.  Legalities: 

The non lucrative visa is an administrative procedure that only an experience immigration lawyer could fully represented.

As for example each of the previous requeriments has certain formalities that needs to be joined in order to be able to get your non lucrative visa.These formalities changes frecuently so the experience inmigration will be updated in law and provide full assistance to any problem you may need to face.

5. Will I need to complete more formalities in Spain?

Yes, when you  arrive to Spain your inmigration Lawyer will arrange the residence card to be granted to you.

6. Could the visa be refused?

Yes, if you do not provide the right documentos, with the right formalities and the right procedure the visa could be denied.

All visa procedure are administrative procedure that affect Human rights so according to the law you have the right to be duly represented by an immigration Lawyer.

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