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Golden Visa Lawyer in Spain


The Golden Visa in Spain  is a privileged residence  which a golden visa lawyer could apply   for  non – EU citizens who invest in Spain

If you have made a significant investment in Spain,you can take advantage of the Spanish migration scheme for investors.  

To have a  signficant investment in Spain means that you make a real estate investment in Spain of 500,000 euros  or more. 

In 2013 was aproved in Spain,  the Golden Visa Law   in order to attract foreign investors who want to buy homes or other properties and who, in return, are made easier to obtain a residence permit. 

Type of Visa

 Golden Visa 


Who could apply  


Non – EU citizens who make a real estate investment in Spain 


Initial residence card 2 years 



Yes, if all the requeriments are joined


You will be subject to normal taxes rules worlwide. If you spend  less than 6 months in Spain per year you only will pay non residents taxes over your assets.



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1.Who has to apply for the visa or residence permit? 

The investor must apply for the visa or residence permit via the application form. 

2.What kind of visa or residence permit the investor will be granted?

An investor visa, if you are outside of Spain when the application is submitted.

A residence permit, if you are currently in Spain when submitting the application. 

From the granting of the visa you could fully work in Spain and live during a year if you wish without the obligation of applying for the residence card.

3. Benefits of a  golden visa :

–          Streamlined processing: 10 days for visas and 20 days for residence


  •      A single authorization for living and working valid anywhere in Spain
  •     Combined processing of permits for couples and their children.
  • With this visa you could travel to other Schengen countries for a maximum period of 90 days in a period of 180 days.

  •  2 years of residence permit that could be renewed if the investment is maintained and if you made at least one visit to Spain during your residence  permit.

  • You may  become a permanent resident if you  permit is in force for a period of  5 years
  • After a period of  residency you could apply for citizenship in Spain

4.Ways of achieving  your Golden Visa in Spain : 

  1.  To buy a property in Spain 500.000€ 
  2.  Investing  in shares or bank deposit 1.000.000€ 
  3.  By  buying  public debt 2.000.000€
  4.  High qualify workers in Spain  to get a job offer from a large company in Spain 

5. What documents do I need to submitt with the application to get Golden visa in Spain : 


Background checks   

Medical  Insurance

Proof  of sufficient resources   

Proof of the investment

All these documents must be provide in the right way according to the Law 


Who can benefit from this Visa? 

The golden visa is designed for all citizens from outside the European Union who intend to make an investment in Spain as a means to obtain their residency. 

Most of our clients are from Russia, USA, China,  Mexicans, South Africa and British. 

They are motivate to invest in Spain as a place to deposit their money, thus earning some rental income and getting their visa to Spain. 

The visa to Spain open the doors to travel  to all Schengen countries. 

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