10 Points that you should know about student visa in Spain


          After the modification in 2022 these are the main points of Student visa in Spain to know.

  1. The  student visa is not a residence permit.  

  2. The student visa allow you to work in Spain 30 hours per week, as long as you have your full cost covered and you partime job is only an extra income.
  3. You could apply for student visado at the Spanish  consulate in your home country or either in Spain if you came to Spain with a tourist visado or any otherlegal right to stay in Spain.
  4. After 3 years in Spain with your student visado you could obtain a full residence and work residence. This is the standar rule, however after modification of Rule of 2022 new options are applied depending on your circunstances.
  5. You are not able to work full time more than 3 months even if the company wants to hire you full time.
  6. You need to provide a full medical insurance registered in Spain to cover all your medical request including hospitality.
  7. It is requested a certifícate of registration in an oficial Spanish School which  is recognised by Spanish Education System.
  8. In case you are out of age, you need to provide a non criminal record certifícate, legalised and translated.
  9. You will need to provide a medical certifícate that you do not have any illness that are forbidden to travel to Spain by OMS.
  10. It is not compulsory to be representanted by a lawyer, but it is recommended to be advised by an immigration lawyer who could provide full legal support during the all procedure, avoiding you innecesary cost and reducing  the stress, the timing and increasing you  the options to achieve a favourable resolution of your application.

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