Business idea

At Virginia Ramos Lawyer rely on respect for deontological norms, legal security, sincerity, fruit of knowledge and previous experience, personalized treatment taking care of every detail of the process, continuous counseling avoiding errors and unnecessary expenses to customers. Our services are governed by a high standard of quality and demand, focused on obtaining the best possible result for each case.

Office founded in 2008, date in which after 5 years of experience working in others international law firms, Virginia Ramos decided to found  her own business  based on the experience acquired and her personal values.

We love helping to fulfill the dreams of our customers. We have empathy with entrepreneurs or investors who do not hesitate to fight to make their dreams come true. We help all those interested in starting a business or investing in Spain either in a company or in a home. We offer the legal coverage required in both Immigration by processing the required residence permits and advising in the constitution of a company in Spain, Business Law and Tax Law or in the purchase of the home or Local, Real Estate Law. We cover every detail so that the client does not have to worry about anything when he decides to settle in Spain.

On the other hand, we also love accompanying Spanish entrepreneurs who have concerns outside of Spain, either because they are thinking of becoming international or simply want to sell their products abroad.